camera @ LIFE


Have you ever come across a photograph, and found yourself walking down memory lane, recollecting the words and laughter or thejoy in the air? Pictures and images present clues that enliven memories: a reminiscence not only of the incident itself, but also the lights and scents, textures and feelings, air and atmosphere back then. All was inscribedand not forgotten.

The artists participated in this exhibition are members of the “Everyday Photo” Art Class, Fall 2014.

Dedicating to the concept of art for life as well as artful life, this 5-week art class wasorganizedaround 4 learning cores: sharing from the connoisseurs of life; practicing the language of photography; analyzing and appreciating works; and continuing in everyday life. Through the understanding of aperture and shutter speed, and the practicing of composition and exposure technique, beginners could learn to master the language of photography. While exercising the new language in documenting everyday life, discussions and exchangeof ideas between one another are enabled via the social media of the art class community. Be it a mobile phone, a simple digital camera, or a digital single-lens reflex camera, a familiarized instrument would be the essential means to capture meaningful instances in one’s life.

The art class subjects span across interesting artistic and aesthetic spectrums of everyday life. Connoisseurs were invited to lead the class to explore into different realm of floral design, culinary, interior design, fashion design, and coffee aesthetics. Learners were encouraged to engage themselves in different places, gaining different life experiences, as well as practicing on-site photographing.

Works presented in this exhibition include class members’ assignments, authentic photography journals of everyday life, and also the engaging exchanges of ideas outside the classroom. Through the artful leads of different lecturers, and the constant practice of photographical language via the documentation of moments in life, class members created their own visual semiotics, gradually building up learning in their own way. Exchanges of ideas and dialogues on the internet and social medias had brought extended learning to everyone, connecting life experiences and thus a community of practice were formed.