Video On The Phone


Video on the Phone, as the name shows, uses smartphones as the main medium for watching videos, including VR video, Youtuber webcast, live streaming, talks and other forms of events. 17 artists across three generations are invited, with their interests on topics ranging from virtual space and characters in the X generation to the self-media generation after the millennium. The artworks are scattered along the way from Honggah Museum to Polymer Art Village, and audience can use their smartphone and google cardboard to view the works by scanning the QR codes at the chosen spot.

Due to the vast speed of media communication and technology, boundaries of distance and space have been dismantled, leading to the destruction of site for viewing video art. Normally VR works are seen as immersive visual experience that replaces the viewer’s sense of body and space. Yet Video on the Phone attempts to ground the viewer’s body back to the space of reality and reconnect the relations between video and place.


░Opening Date

Aug 11 18:00 @Polymer (3F, No. 9, Section 1, Beitou Road, Beitou District, Taipei)


░Exhibition Opening Hours

Aug 11-Sep 23, 2018

Tue-Sunday 10:30-17:30 (Closed on Mondays)


░Exhibition Venue

Polymer (3F, No. 9, Section 1, Beitou Road, Beitou District, Taipei)

Honggah Museum (11F., No.166, Daye Road, Beitou District, Taipei City)

Outdoor Space at BaXian Village, Beitou District



Tung Lu Hung

Chih Sheng Lai

Wan Jen Chen

Xu Zhan Zhang

Iting Hou

Tsunghsun Tsai

Ning Sen

Ichun Chen

Muchi Hsieh

Yu Cheng Hsieh

Ashley Hu

Hui Yu Su

Shuyi Chou

Ching Yuan Chen

Cheng Sean Wang

Candy Bird

Yee Chang


░Guided Tour:

Aug 11(Book online:, Aug 25, Sep 22


░Live streaming:




Sep 8, tbc

Sep 15, tbc


░Hosted by Polymer and Honggah Museum



To see the exhibition, you will need a smartphone with good connection to the Internet and preferably well charged. You can bring your own google cardboard or borrow one with NTD 200 deposit which you can collect after returning it. You can return it at either Polymer or Honggah Museum. If there are too many people borrowing the cardboard, you might need to wait for a while to return the cardboard and we appreciate your patience.


░How to use Google Cardboard?