Beitou Local Postures Collecting Project


Beitou Local Postures Collecting Project
Hong-gah Museum

YEN Yu-Ting
Datun Elementary School X PENG Chun-Rong
Shi-Pai Elementary School Senior Academy X LIN Su-Lien
Drama Class of Fuxing Senior High School X WANG Shao-Gang

Curator: Zoe Yeh

Hong-gah Museum presents Beitou Local Series Collecting Project annually for three years already. The project probes with different theme each year, inviting artists of different media to Beitou to envisage on various aspects of Beitou, including the geography, history, natural environment, humanity and society. Local communities across ages, including school children, youth, and senior citizens are invited to participate in the project. The results of the collaborative researches and creations are exhibited or performed in the museum. The content clings to local texture with diversified forms across disciplines. Through years of accumulation, the means to learning about a locality via art practices are slowly coming into being. This year, themed with “body”, exhibitions and performances, dynamic and static alike, in various forms such as dancing, drama, and performance art are introduced. Departing from Beitou, we aim to present artworks with features of local life that can be shared with all.

Feature Performance
21 & 22, March 14:00-17:00
“House of Silence” by Drama Class of Fuxing Senior High School
21, March 17:00
“Foreigners in Beitou” by IMCCI of TNUA
11 & 12, April 14:00
“Islandborn” by Drama Club of Datun Elementary School-Postponed to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19.
19, April 14:00
“Big Stage in Small Classroom” by Qingjiang Elementary School-Cancelled to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19.

*All performances are free of charge, but with limited availability, please do register online. The registration link will be released shortly on Hong-Gah Museum official website and Facebook Fan Page.