Sound Talks: Local Soundscape Collecting Project



Wan-Chien Cheng, Yannick Dauby,  Yenting Hsu, Pinling Huang, Shao-Ying Huang, One Litre Sound-Lisa Lai and Kuan-lin Chen, Wu Po&Ken Lin&Mickey Wu&William Wang.

Project Partners

Da-tun Elementary School, Wen-hua Elementary School, Shi-Pai Elementary School Senior Academy, IMCCI TNUA.


Zoe Yeh


Exhibition Introduction

“Soundscape” in a literal sense can be pictured as an observation and documentation of ambient sounds auditorily. This exhibition stresses on the collection of local sounds. Instead of sounds from particularly ritualistic activities or those with clear sense of seasons, they are an array of sounds extracted in life dear to us, closer to the everyday life in Beitou. These sounds, primarily of natural environment and commoners’ activities, were “collected” by seven different groups of artists in various ways. Thus, it presents Beitou of diverse historical profiles across time.

The works at display can generally ramify into two axes. One deals with sound materials collected via actual recording and editing in post-production. When listening, the audience is immersed in the imagination of sound environment: Yannick Dauby’s Beitou Snippets incorporates ambient sounds and interviews recorded at Yangmingshan National Park, Beitou Park, the Guandu Plain, Heart Village, Baxian Canal, Qilian Quarry, Guandu Natural Park, among others. Guided by the voiceover, visitors may reflect on what the soundscape of Beitou is. Artist Hsu Yen-Ting’s One Big Camphor Tree is a collaborative work with the students and teachers of Datun Elementary School. Through a series of workshops departing from the school’s history and the students’ lives on campus, it explores how memories of a school are passed down and inherited. Also employing the methods of audio recording and interview, Cheng Wan-Chien’s Aged Soul: Elderly Art Creation Community Project in Beitou invited numerous senior partners. After sessions of listening practice, oldies memory, and outdoor recording, a “Beitou excursion” is arranged for visitors from elsewhere to appreciate Beitou in sounds.

The other axis of the exhibition ponders over the forms that preserve or demonstrate sounds local to Beitou. Also, through experiments with different senses, it aims to revitalize visitors’ imagination toward sounds. Artist Huang Pin-Ling’s Rustling in Mind series takes natural environment as point of departure. Sounds heard are recorded via colors and brushes. The mildly moist air in the mountains is reflected in the picture for spectators to bathe in a spring rain. The young artist group with a background in design - Wu Po&Ken Lin&Mickey Wu&William Wang brought us the Project Water Close Over Us, which puts visitors in a gloomy environment. Hence, it seeks to direct audience’s attention to all sorts of “watery sounds” without reliance on the sense of vision, while to record an everyday impression of Beitou via streams. Lai Chi-Hsia from sound artist group One Litre Sound and designer Chen Guan-Lin collaborated and present the participatory work, Grande Amélie: Potluck. Local visitors are invited to utilize objects used in life to produce melody on the table collaboratively through three workshops symbolizing “cooking”, “table-setting”, and “feasting”. Boisterous sounds familiar yet somewhat strange to the ears are produced via percussion with wood-made round balls. Finally, Huang Shao-Ying’s Soundless Beitou takes reference to the historical songbook of Nakasi bands at the taverns in Beitou, eliciting meanings from the lyrics of the popular ballad, Tune of Beitou, in an attempt to summon memories of the old Beitou through various objects.

The two distinctive creative axes for sounds span from natural environment to ordinary life, bundling the Beitous today and yesterday. With themes of tangible and intangible sounds at the core, it departs from listening with ears and with heart on a quest for a soundscape of Beitou amidst everyday life. In the duration of exhibition, a series of workshops and campaigns, from the listening workshop inside to the sound excursion outside of the museum, will take place as well. We anticipate visitors to practice listening to sounds in their own lives after the tour of the museum’s works and thus open to more possible imaginations.


Grande Amélie: Potluck

The Grand Amélie is a series of sound installations using wood balls to hit objects on the table to make various sounds. In Grande Amélie: Potluck, there will be glasses on the table at the beginning of the exhibition to welcome guests. Audiences are invited to bring objects according to different stages of dining. Through the workshop, artists will lead the participants to experiment different sounds from objects of daily life.

14th March (Sun) 14:00-16:00 Grande Amélie: Potluck -Cooking

26th March (Fri) 13:30-15:30 Grande Amélie: Potluck -Table Setting

18th April (Sun) 14:00-16:00 Grande Amélie: Potluck -Bon Appétit

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Sound Sketch with artist

Artist Pinling Hunag enjoys hiking in the mountains. In the work “Rustling in Mind Painting Series she paints the sounds she heard during hiking and turned them into lines and colors. In the workshop, participants will go hiking with the artists and make drawings of sound together.

20th March (Sat) 13:30-16:30

6th April (Tue) 13:30-16:30

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Sound Tour Beitou

In the Aged Soul: Elderly Art Creation Community Project, artist Wan-Chien Cheng and participated members designed a sound tour of Beitou and invited participants from Kaohsiung to take a walk. In the sound tour Beitou, we will invite the original project member to give the tour.

30th March (Tue) 09:30-11:30

23rd April (Fri) 09:30-11:30

All the events will be conducted in Chinese and by reservation only. Please refer to Honggah Museum FB Page for registration.


It marks the fourth year of Hong-gah Museum’s “Beitou Local Collecting Project” series. The project takes a different theme as its angle for each year, inviting artists employing different materials to Beitou for imagination based on the local geography, history, natural environment, as well as culture and society of Beitou. Local communities of children, youth, and senior citizens across ages are guided to create together prior to exhibition or performance of their collective studies and creative works in the museum. The content in general intimately relates to the local context while the forms come in variety across disciplines. Through years of accumulation, it cultivates bit by bit a methodology for art creativity to learn locality. From “Beitou Local Image Collecting Project” in 2017-2018 and “Beitou Local Flavors Collecting Project” in 2019 to “Beitou Local Postures Collecting Project” in 2020, the project adopts “sound” as its theme this year, unfolding exhibitions and performances, dynamic and static, in various forms, including oral history, field collection, and sound visualization. Departing from listening experience, it seeks to incorporates features of local life in Beitou, producing a creative language composed of local lexicon shared with all.

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