Shadow Dancing: Where Can We Find a Silver Lining in Challenging Times?


Shadow Dancing: Where Can We Find a Silver Lining in Challenging Times? is a follow-up exhibition that continued from Challenging Time, Artists and Curatorial Exchange, and Research Residency Program between Thailand and Taiwan 2020, an experimental online exchange and artists’ research residency under the tele-collaboration between the Jim Thompson Art Center in Bangkok and Hong Gah Museum in Taipei. At the height of the global pandemic and the various challenges and uncertainties that ensue, eight Taiwanese and Thai artists were selected to participate in the six-week online exchange residency program. This follow-up exhibition continues the dialogues initiated during the virtual residency program and substantiates the artists’ research projects in both Taiwan and Thailand. Apart from expanding the existing network between Taiwan and Thailand’s art communities, this exhibition functions as a mutual collaboration between curators, artists, and specialists, including the audiences; a collective composition that advocates values of conversation, connectivity, and compassion as one of the models for being in this world during this challenging time.

Shadow Dancing attempts to uncover the micro-narratives of history, it reminds us to continuously speculate the scenario of being in this complex and multi-faceted world by borrowing the concept of movement in the dark as a dynamic opposed to explicitness. In addition to the chaos brought about by the pandemic, shadow alludes to Taiwan’s dense history and its geopolitical position as well as the ongoing turbulent social and political situation that casts an obscured atmosphere over Thailand. To this end, the results from a four-month virtual meeting and online research residency by eight Taiwanese and Thai artists comprises newly produced multidisciplinary, experiential, and participatory artworks, including performative video art and sound installation. Artists’ works reflect multiple perspectives and offer multi-layered discussion utilizing the strength of paradoxes in unstable situations, as well as engagement in continuous dialogues with deeper and wider connections from both countries.


Participating Artists: Enkaryon Ang, Panachai Chaijirarat, Ting-Ting Cheng, Kridpuj Dhansandors, Yi-Chun Lin, Sornrapat Patharakorn, Chulayarnnon Siriphol and Yen-Yu Tseng.


Screening Event & Talk:

Date: 2022.04.24 (Sun.) 2:00 P.M.

Topic: Limbic Release from Thailand and Taiwan

Speakers: Kridpuj Dhansandors, Ting-Yu Liang

Event page:


Organizers: Hong-Gah Museum, Jim Thompson Art Center

Sponsors: Ministry of Culture, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand

Partners: The James H.W. Thompson Foundation, Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute, Taiwan Public Television Service, Nusantara Archives, Optoma Taiwan