2015 Video Art Campus Outreach Program / Hualien


Arts education outreach has always been an important mission of the Hong-gah Museum. Through artistic way of learning, Hong-gah hopes to share the expanded perspectives in life and experiences of transformative learning. In sum, three dimensions of Hong-gah’s arts education advocate included: Arts for life, Arts of Thinking, and Learning through Arts; and it is with adult, underserved children, and communities that Hong-gah has been working with in its arts education outreach programs.
In the2015 Video Art Campus Outreach Program, Hong-gahhad collaborated with teacher Zhang Ya-Jin, who has been immersed in Hualien indigenous tribe, to work with the local children. During the conduct of the program, teacher Zhang Ya-Jin had led several volunteers to Hualien indigenous tribe for service learning. Local children were first invited to guide and introduce them around the tribe upon arrival, where the children then drew and painted the tribal cultures they knew of on pieces of papers with the help and lead of teacher Ya-Jin and volunteers. Through a series of interesting tasks and activities, children and volunteers visited the elders in tribe, collecting stories concerning spirits and essences of their own culture and practice. These verbal stories were then transformed into three-dimensional animated tales, screened and exhibited at the tribal meeting place. As the project ensued, the children were invited to Hong-gah, Taipei to put up their exhibition, telling and sharing their stories about home and culture.
Hong-gah’s aim is to serve as community platforms where dynamic and creative learning could happen, and children’s unique talents could be celebrated. In this program, children had had the chance to explore and understand the place they lived in and their own culture though artistic and creative ways of learning and collaboration. It is hoped that empowering learning experiences through arts could shine different light upon one’s life and development.