2008TIVA-Dwelling Place


Due to the current catastrophe with the second mortgage loans in the United States, the world is going through a great deal of economic instability. The economic crisis is merely just a tip of the iceberg, and many issues with the climate, religion, race, food, social clash, diaspora, and war are tribulations that are still on the raise. The crisis at hand is only bring out to the open what has been hidden for a prolonged state, and is making apparent the complex issues that are forming or have already occurred. The public feels with intensity that the hard times have kicked in, and regardless of it being spiritual or physical, this all encompassing multi-crisis is causing a sense of unstableness in the public. With the feelings of anxiety, when will be the next breaking point? Will people be loosing all of their possessions overnight? The helplessness and the state of emptiness are engulfing everyone like a wave of thick fog; therefore, how to deal with these difficult situations will determine our lives and living standards in the immediate future to come.

The purpose to present “Dwelling Place 2008 Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition” as Hong-Gah Museum’s first international video art exhibition is an attempt to react to the complex situations occurring in the world right now. To use the concept of the “Home” as a starting point and through international call of entries and invited artists to exhibit works that use the most fundamental unit in life, the “Home”, and be it physical presentations or originating from spiritual aspects, the works make an effort to reconsider the modern day people’s reality and existence. Furthermore, through the works of these internationally acclaimed artists, a dialogue between the body, mind and soul can be kindled, and find a direction in the midst of a chaotic time and keep striving forth.

Twelve invited artists are presenting their observations about modern people’s dwelling places, and they have responded to various issues with sensitivity and profoundness. Some of the issues the artworks have dealt with are nostalgic memories, spiritual belonging, relationship with the land, identity acceptance, post-colonial issues, societal caste system, natural and man-caused disasters. In addition, in the three-month call for entries process, 121 works from 21 countries have been received, and through the selection process with international and domestic professional jurors, 20 works have been selected to be included in the exhibition. Amidst the selections, the topics presented about dwelling places are extensive, ranging from concerns for the lower-caste and minorities in the society, humorous fantasies about the city, the urban dwellings under consumerism, cultural differences, terrorism, labor diasporas, etc… Through these artworks, the intended purpose is to raise more diverse thoughts and deeper understandings toward the current state of the world.