2014 Taiwan International Video Art Campus Outreach Program

Since 2008, Chew’s Culture Foundation had initiated the Taiwan International Video Art (TIVA) Exhibition, a biennial event staging video artworks of international artists under different themes that inquired into contemporary social issues. In order to make these splendid video artwork collections more accessible as each TIVA exhibitions culminated, Hong-gah had decided to bring the museum on the move. Thus launched the TIVA Campus Outreach Programs as follows: Dwelling Place?! + Eattopia (college and university students), and Adventuring in Video Art (3rd – 6th Grade).
The mobile museum first came to National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) Arts Center in 2014. With the help from NCTU Arts Center, a call for volunteers was put up, followed by the conduct of a Stop-Motion Workshop, where the volunteers’ enthusiastic and professional guidance had won great credits from the visiting public. Next, the mobile museum had travelled to Dahan Institute of Technology in Hualien. Sparking the campus atmosphere, the exhibition had been made more accessible to the people.
During summer 2014, Honh-gah had collaborated with Taipei Beitou Elementary School and Taipei Municipal Qingjiang Elementary School to organize the Adventuring in Video Art Summer Camp. Children had had the chance to create artworks using cameras in both 3.5-day sessions. During the course of arts learning and making, the children had learned new techniques utilizing the camera, and gained different perspectives looking at the world through the lens of a camera. At the end of the camp, animation works of the participants were screened and received to celebrate their creativity and hard work.